2016 Priorities At-A-Glance

What do credit union executives hope to accomplish in the coming year? Feedback from the 2016 Executive Outlook Survey shines a light on a few things.


Lending, lending, and lending. That imperative dominated the goals listed by respondents to Callahan & Associates’ annual Executive Outlook Survey.

Fifty-four of the 129 respondents to the open-ended question, “What are your department’s biggest goals for 2016?” mentioned loan growth in one form or another in their replies.

No. 2? A more efficient operation.

But what else did they say? Well, a lot, actually. Check out the word cloud below; it gives greater prominence to the words and phrases that appeared more frequently in executives’ answers.



April 30, 2016


  • I agree with the number 1 & 2 priorities. I am a little surprised that the Mobile Banking initiative did not carry more weight. It may be that those responding already have a Mobile Channel, but I see this as the single most important channel affecting Operational Efficiency, Member and Loan Growth as we move forward.
    David Dally, President Tremaine-West, Inc.
  • Thanks for taking the time to comment. Certainly it seems that there's a wide range of approaches about how to go into the mobile channel and how much to invest in it among the credit unions we talk to.
    Marc Rapport