April Showers. May Flowers. And June Bugs.

Get the garden party started by finding these spring-y credit union names.


Spring is the perfect time to give Mother Nature a helping hand, and the team at The Last Word Laboratories found a way to do that right here in our own backyard. This quarter's puzzle is devoted to the credit unions with the greenest thumbs — or at least the names that suggest as much.

Word Bank:

BigSpring [Ed. Emp. FCU]; Blue Water [FCU]; ChangingSeasons [FCU];

CPlant [FCU]; Evergreen [Credit Union]; GardenState [FCU];

Grow [Financial FCU]; GulfWinds [FCU]; NewHorizons [Credit Union];

OBee [Credit Union]; Planters [FCU]; PointBreeze [Credit Union];

StCloud[FCU]; Sun [Credit Union]; Sunflower [FCU]; WhiteRose [Credit Union];

MintValley [FCU]; Flowers [Emp. Credit League CU]; GreenCountry [FCU];

Sky [FCU]

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