Sept. 12, 2017


  • Thanks for sharing a review. 1. AI is definitely the future, though animated avatars may not be. Think more the computer on the Enterprise. 2. Mobile first is essential for all decisions today. 3. However, the last part about payment cards being dead? It feels like the "iPhone killer" again. Even after reading about the tech on the company's website, I fail to see the appeal. Instead of requiring a 2014+ phone (which people who would use contactless payment will likely have), you require merchants to add a proprietary adapter? Ok. Also, this sentence has to be wrong: "Transactions greater than $25 require TouchID verification." I want *every* transaction protected, as it is today on all mobile payment systems. The future is seamless interconnectivity. That means everything works with everything. Easily. Plan with that in mind and you're on the right track.
    Joe Winn