How do loan originations compare to the first quarter of 2012?


In the first quarter of 2013, credit unions originated $82.7 billion in loan originations, a 14.1% increase from the $72.5 billion originated in the first three months of 2012. All categories posted an increase over 2012 levels.

First mortgage originations once again posted a record quarter, increasing 19.3% from year-to-date numbers in March 2012 to $31.2 billion. Credit unions originated nearly 184,000 first mortgage loans through March 31.

Consumer loan originations, including auto loans, increased 10.9% to $43.5 billion. Member business loan originations of $4 billion were 21.6% higher than the $3.3 billion originated in the first quarter of 2012. Melrose ($1.9B, Briarwood, NY) originated the highest amount of MBL loans, $292.0 million, as they specialize in high balance taxi medallion loans.

Data as of March 31, 2013
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June 13, 2013



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