How does revenue per full time employee differ by state?


Credit unions in Virginia lead the nation in annual revenue per full time employee in the first quarter with $83,216, outnumbering the next highest state by more than $20,000. Credit unions in District of Columbia and California rounded out the top three with $58,923 and $58,134, respectively.

 Revenue per employee at credit unions averaged at $49,940 as of March 2013, down 4.6% from a year prior. All states have witnessed negative growths in revenue per full time employee over the past year. The squeezed total interest income offset the 4.1% increase in number of full time employees, which led to an overall decrease in the ratio.  Revenue per employee has trended downward for the past several years due to the historic low-rate environment, but is likely to improve as rates have slowly picked up these days.

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Data As of March 31, 2013
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