Which credit union leads the nation in credit card penetration?


Credit card penetration helps credit unions measure the percentage of members that have credit card loans at the credit union. Credit card lending has increased at credit unions as consumer spending and income have risen consistently over the past year. Nationally, the credit card penetration rate is 15.3%, up 55 basis points from the previous year and 95 basis points higher than five years ago.

Taupa Lithuanian ($21.0M, South Boston, MA) leads all credit unions in credit card penetration. Taupa Lithuanian has a credit card penetration rate of 65.7%. An increase in the number of credit card accounts caused the penetration to increase by 82 basis points from the previous quarter. Valley One Community ($32.3M, Steubenville, OH) came in second with a 60.0% credit card penetration rate. 

Data As of March 31, 2013
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  Credit Union State Credit Card Penetration Total Assets
1 Taupa Lithuanian MA 65.66% $21,006,458
2 Valley One Community OH 60.00% $32,307,869
3 O.A.S. Staff DC 58.18% $157,998,111
4 Napus VA 53.60% $275,751,634
5 Entrust VA 51.83% $71,531,065
6 KUE KY 51.31% $38,164,168
7 Houston Police TX 51.25% $513,763,223
8 School Employees Lorain County OH 50.66% $142,307,822
9 San Diego Firefighters CA 49.66% $84,251,946
10 Florida Baptist FL 49.51% $23,724,888 

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