Which credit union leads the nation in non-interest income as a percent of total income?


Emery ($163.9M, Cincinnati, OH) leads the nation in non-interest income to total income ratio. Its non-interest income comprised 94.7% of its total income as of March 2013, more than 3 times the industry average of 28.7%. Health One ($21.5M, Detroit, MI) came in second, deriving 76.7% of its total income from non-interest income sources. Emery’s major source of non-interest income came from other operating income, which accounted for 99.3% of total non-interest income. Meanwhile, Health One’s non-interest income was 100% derived from fee income.

Total interest income dropped 4.4% nationally over the past year.  Interest income on loans is down 3 basis points and income from investments is down 14.2%.

Non-interest income remains as one of the vital revenue streams for credit unions in today’s volatile market environment. Despite the Fed’s last month announcement to slow the pace of asset purchases by next year to push up the interest rate, credit unions are not guaranteed an increase in interest income in the near future. This month, the Fed announced again that they will surely keep the interest rate low as long as the unemployment remains above 6.5% (the unemployment rate stands at 7.6% now).  At least for the foreseeable future, credit unions may not experience a sudden increase in interest income and will continue to put effort into getting much revenue from non-interest income sources.

Data as of March 31, 2013 for all U.S. Credit Unions Over $20 Million
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  Credit Union State Non-Interest Income/
Total Income
Total Income Total Assets
1 Emery OH 94.65% $25,938,948 $163,916,615
2 Health One MI 74.65% $796,014 $21,498,324
3 Peoples FL 67.23% $1,332,183 $83,207,098
4 Bethex NY 65.39% $688,983 $32,442,533
5 Craftsman MI 65.31% $189,990 $26,613,041
6 Kansas City MO 62.27% $429,620 $26,536,682
7 ACTORS NY 62.18% $2,941,489 $170,789,966
8 First American AZ 59.28% $1,536,799 $95,006,862
9 One Nevada NV 57.97% $12,342,927 $689,672,069
10 St. Louis Community MO 57.11% $4,409,929 $240,484,201

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July 29, 2013


  • Your articles on 'what credit union has the best..." are frustrating to read. They provide a chart of data that doesn't provide any real information, unless the reader does resaerch to understand the business model that allows these credit unions to achieve the best of ... Additionally, these are so far outside of the norm and have business models that differ so greatly from more traditional models; that it is difficult for a reader to assess if the story has any valuable insight. In fact, in at least one of these 'best' of articles, there were a number of credit unions who you could argue were in serious trouble (but then; maybe they are the best at that as well)