Which credit union leads the way in 12-month member business loan growth?


More credit unions are becoming more active in the business lending activities, with low-income designation providing additional capacity for credit unions to make business loans. Credit unions nationwide, on average, reported a 10.3% 12-month growth in member business loans outstanding as of June 2013, up 201 basis points from one year ago. Total member business loan balances at credit unions reached $38.6 billion. The average member business loan balance stood at $202,434 in the second quarter of 2013, an annual increase of 2.1%.

Among credit unions over $20 million in assets with at least $2 million member business loans outstanding at June 2013 and $1 million outstanding at June 2012, Keypoint ($805.2M, Santa Clara, CA) posted the highest organic growth in member business loans over the past year. The credit union’s member business loans outstanding increased more than ten-fold annually to reach $21.5 million as of June 2013. Lamoure ($23.5M, Lamoure, ND) ranked sixth with a 340.8% annual growth in member business loans, which comprise nearly half of its loan portfolio as of second quarter. 

Data as of June 30, 2013 For Credit Unions Over $20M In Assets With At Least $2M Outstanding at June 2013 and $1M Outstanding at June 2012 | Excluding Significant Mergers
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  Credit Union State 12-Month MBL Growth Total MBL Outstanding as of June 2013 MBL Concentration Total Assets
1 KEYPOINT CA 1033.48% $21,499,958 3.66% $805,216,069
2 WASHINGTON STATE EMPLOYEES WA 741.13% $15,584,986 1.38% $1,865,790,761
3 NORTHWEST VA 398.49% $67,303,604 6.26% $2,568,322,925
4 FREEDOM FIRST VA 356.76% $8,214,163 3.38% $311,386,237
5 NUTMEG STATE CT 355.87% $8,121,408 3.37% $356,686,618
6 LAMOURE ND 340.82% $7,602,192 46.68% $23,548,322
7 ALABAMA TELCO AL 331.79% $8,659,931 2.48% $606,398,895
8 DOVER DE 323.00% $7,369,946 4.81% $401,561,221
9 ALLIANT IL 317.41% $105,769,205 3.23% $8,225,494,884
10 SERVICE NH 277.40% $13,408,480 0.89% $2,327,737,600

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Oct. 28, 2013


  • This is a very interesting article on what I see as the new wave in credit union products. I am a retired banker and have taught lending courses for a number of years including over 20 years at The Prochnow Graduate School of Banking,University of Wisconsin, Madison, US Banks and Bankers and Graduate Students for USAID projects in New Independent State of Kazahkstan in the former USSR and also Vlaadivostok, Russia. As am Independent Consultant, I am interested in providing Commercial Lending Training and loan consulting for credit unions. Let me know if you have interest.
    Bill Adloms