Which state has the highest average first mortgage balance?


Credit unions in District of Columbia reported $324,246 as their average first mortgage balance in the first quarter, which was the highest of all states. Credit unions in California came in second with $231,779, down 1.42% from the previous year. Credit unions in Virginia rounded out the top three with $193,541 average first mortgage balance, down 1.14% from the same quarter in 2012 but up 9.45% from 5 years ago.

The average first mortgage balance at credit unions averaged at $126,717 as of March 2013, down 1.67% from a year prior at $128,873. This decline in rate is due to a 7.4% increase in average number of first mortgage loan accounts which offset the 5.6% increase in average first mortgage balance.  24 states witnessed growth in average first mortgage balance over the past year.    

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Data As of March 31, 2013
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