Dec. 10, 2012


  • Could you tell us which, if any, of these top 10 increased membership through a merger? Thanks.
    Meg Sisco
  • Alix - Thanks for posting this info. Question: As many CU's are using indirect lending and not Educational & Promotional Expense for member acquisition, how is accounted for in the Cost Per Net New Member?
    Keith Winn
  • I calculated the dollar spend based on the 5300 call report data for “Education & Promotional Expense” which we annualized and divided by the number of net new members. You have to have complete historical data sets (meaning you need to compare all active credit unions today to all that were active one year ago). Credit unions do not report their salary & benefits by department, so we cannot parse that data to include the personnel costs involved.
    Alix Patterson
  • Alix - Very interesting stats. Can you share what items are included in this calculation? Makes me think that most CUs are not spending nearly enough money to grow membership. Do you guys have any stats on average annual marketing budgets for 2012 per CU? Thanks, Bill
    Bill McKenna
  • Would you please post the list with all 50 states or send via email? Thanks.