Which states are most active in private student lending?


Almost 21% of the 203 credit unions in New Jersey, or 42 credit unions, are originating private student loans. Minnesota’s devotion to private student lending comes in a close second with 20% of their 135 credit unions participating (27). By sheer number, Pennsylvania has the highest number of participating credit unions – 62 – although that is just 12% of the total.

Massachusetts has the highest total volume of private student loans outstanding. The state also boasts three of the top 10 lenders, including Digital Credit Union in the #1 slot.

DATA AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2012 | www.creditunions.com

Rank State Name Total Private Student
Loans Outstanding
1 MA Digital $104,326,291
2 WI University Of Wisconsin $73,894,378
3 NJ Affinity $69,343,970
4 IN Eli Lilly $61,284,858
5 TN Eastman $56,945,850
6 WA BECU $53,392,708
7 MA Massachusetts Institute Of Technology $53,352,121
8 MA Harvard University Employees $49,689,127
9 NC Coastal $47,380,805
10 MI University Of Michigan $43,971,595

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