Who are the top credit unions in assets per employee?


The assets per employee ratio reflects the amount of assets a credit union holds per each full-time employee. The metric is an effective measure of productivity as credit unions derive the bulk of their incomes from their assets. According to Callahan & Associates’ 2014 Directory, credit unions nationwide hold an average of $4.3 million in assets per one full time employee as of June 2013, up from $4.2 million from a year prior.  The annual asset growth outpaced the growth in the number of full-time employees over the past year.

Merck Employees ($1.9B, Rahway, NJ) leads the way in assets per full-time employee as of second quarter 2013, with 26 full-time employees each managing $72.0 million in assets on average. This is nearly double the number reported by NCPD ($661.8M, Plainview, NY), which has the second-highest assets per full-time employee ratio among credit unions over $20 million in assets. Star One ($6.4B, Sunnyvale, CA) rounded out the top three with $37.6 million assets per full-time employee in the same quarter. 

Data as of June 30, 2013 For Credit Unions Over $20M In Assets
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  Credit Union State Assets Per Full-Time Employee Total Full-Time Employees Total Assets
1 MERCK EMPLOYEES NJ $72,041,534 26 $1,873,079,890
2 NCPD NY $37,815,809 18 $661,776,654
3 STAR ONE CA $37,567,532 171 $6,424,047,914
4 STATE FARM IL $29,009,446 135 $3,916,275,147
5 LUFTHANSA EMPLOYEES NY $28,822,674 4 $100,879,360
6 CONNECTICUT STATE EMPLOYEES CT $27,001,541 64 $1,714,597,884
7 MELROSE NY $26,643,354 71 $1,878,356,491
8 ALLIANT IL $24,335,784 338 $8,225,494,884
9 APCO EMPLOYEES AL $24,184,329 99 $2,394,248,570
10 AIR LINE PILOTS ASSOCIATION IL $23,204,003 8 $174,030,021

Source: Callahan & Associates’ Peer-to-Peer Analytics
Callahan & Associates’ 2014 Directory


Oct. 8, 2013



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