2 Real Millennials. 1 Real Mortgage. (Part 1)

This millennial couple is moving into a mortgage. Follow their first-time homebuyer story.


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Victoria Taylor, a marketing and engagement manager at Callahan & Associates, and her husband, Matt, are on the hunt to find a perfect home. Join them on their journey in this CreditUnions.com timeline exclusive.

Meet The Taylors

We are Matt and Victoria Taylor, older millennials (35 and 31, respectively) living in North Carolina. By day we both work in marketing-related jobs, by night we scour real estate listings and pore over housing blogs. We don’t have any kids, but dote entirely too much on our 11-year-old Lhasa Apso, who rewards this love by peeing on our carpet.

This is our first-time homebuying story.

Victoria is a marketing and engagement manager at Callahan & Associates (operators of CreditUnions.com), and Matt is an account manager at a full-service marketing agency (and guest CreditUnions.com contributor). We moved from Arlington, VA, to Raleigh, NC, in May 2016 in search of our American dream — to be homeowners.

The Taylors: Victoria, Matt, and Sadie

Single-family homes in Arlington are expensive, and we couldn’t find a house in a neighborhood we liked with a price we could afford that was also relatively close to our jobs. So, we moved four hours south to Raleigh.

Victoria started telecommuting, still working full-time for Callahan. Matt quit his stable, well-paying job as a government contractor.

After a year of searching for full-time work in North Carolina, Matt landed a great opportunity in Greensboro, approximately 70 miles west of Raleigh.

So Taylors went on the move again.

— Matt Taylor contributed to this article.

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