Hey! You! Look! Here!

Next-generation advertising strategies can attract new business and draw traffic for public events and high-profile locations.


As technological capabilities continue to expand, so do the options for credit unions to interact with and sell to current and prospective membership.

MSRs And The Pop Up Branch

Can staff be an advertising tool? Yes, if they’re properly equipped. For example, Unitus Community Credit Union ($916M, Portland, OR) currently provides its roving MSRs in the branch with iPads. This technology allows them to not only assist members, process tractions, and take applications, but also demonstrate the details of products and services, and more actively sell to members’ needs.

Unitus Community also relies on tablet technology to create pop-up locations that can be used to promote upcoming branches, test potential markets, or secure real member business from typically PR-focused community events.

The Interactive Display

A more permanent option is self-service displays, which can draw in new traffic, allow branch visitors to perform thorough product research without staff help, or provide entertainment for members waiting for service.

Grow Financial Credit Union ($1.8B, Tampa, FL) recently invested in a high-tech money machine display to enhance the daily operations of its opening ceremony for its new downtown Tampa branch.

The unit Grow Financial installed is made up of six HD screens displayed in portrait mode and offers augmented reality capabilities via motion reactive video mirror, so players can see themselves reaching out for the virtual cash onscreen. It also offer some touch screen options so that visitors and members can select special offers from the credit union, enter their information, or forward  financial information to themselves.

“This display is actually the first of its kind in Tampa,” says Adrienne Drew, marketing communications specialist for the credit union.

During the grand opening event, members and non-members played for the chance to win $25 toward a checking account, $100 toward an auto loan, or $300 toward a mortgage loan.  Grow Financial also invited members of the media and elected officials - including Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn - to play, with any money they won donated to one of the credit union’s three corporate charities. 


Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn Interacts With The Money Machine/ Photo courtesy of Grow Financial CU

These type of high-profile, high-traffic urban location aren’t just branches, they’re the embassies of your brand. Making them welcoming, fun, and unique can pay dividends if you can successfully turn a look-and-see on the street into a new member or a new loan on the books.

The Next Generation Video Ad

Look around. You’re likely surrounded by screens, but how many are you putting to good use for your institution? The arrival of video displays in cabs, elevators, and even restrooms means that you literally have a captive audience for your brand.

Retailers are also beginning to explore combining videos with actual consumer actions like making a purchase. For example, Target is currently running a short film series where viewers can actually buy the items online as they show on and around characters on the screen.

While this strategy is unproven and likely, out of budget for many cooperatives, it’s not hard for credit unions to add their own annotations or branded, linkable logos their videos. These small calls to action will help move viewers from just being entertained or informed to doing real business with the credit union.


Oct. 12, 2012



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