Jan. 19, 2015


  • Great stuff Marc & Mark! Here's a thought on a tangible next step. Once you've answered the question posed by Mark Arnold, help staff create unique actions and behaviors (physical actions not common among your competitors) to demonstrate the qualities that you want to define and differentiate your credit union. Today, we're too busy and we're inundated with clever marketing messages. Words don't count for much any more. Credit unions can break though the noise by physically proving the qualities and values that differentiate us. We call it Brand Animation & Sales Animation. The challenge of the times is not only identify what differentiates you, but create ways to demonstrate it!
    Matt Purvis
  • Marc, Thanks for sharing your ideas--all solid suggestions and ones credit unions should adopt. Here is a helpful exercise credit unions can do: answer the question "What makes our credit union different?" without the words "service," "people," "community" or "members." And do it in six words or less. Mark
    Mark Arnold