Nov. 14, 2012


  • Thought I would have more details on how the colaboration worked.
  • Shared branching and no fee ATMs are great. I went to Long Island this past week and was surprised to find two credit unions that were charging excessive fees ($5 is excessive to me) for ATM usage when I used another credit union's cucard. I guess shared branching doesn't mean shared ATMs. I ended up going to a 7-11 to avoid the fees.
  • One of the biggest obstacles that I think the credit union industry has to overcome is people's perception that we won't be anywhere they could ever need them like a Chase or BoA could be. This is just crazy bc with shared branching we actually offer more free atms than either of those institutions!
  • We feel shared branching is one of the best moves we ever made. Allowing other CU members to come to our branch offsets the cost of having our members go to other's a win, win.