The Strength Of Social Video

New tools give members a chance to edit credit union marketing videos.


If a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million, then a video message that members can influence and own must be worth the whole bookshelf.

Say that your marketing department has already started filming ads or other campaigns and you’ve used the power of video to draw traffic to your dynamic, content-filled site. What other options do you have to take your media outreach to the next level?

If social media trends are any indication, then the next goal should revolve around getting members to do more than just watch your videos. Next-generation video is all about interaction and new social options are enhancing these capabilities at an amazing rate.

Social video editing is the newest wave of video innovation. It allows multiple people to edit video footage and then share each version.  Most of this software has been targeted to consumers, but the leader of the social video editing pack, WeVideo, has also just launched a social video engagement initiative aimed at marketers.

With new capabilities for editing projects collaboratively in the cloud, credit unions can allow members a more direct say in how their videos look and feel, while still retaining a safety net of control over the publishing of the project.

Individuals are already interacting with technology like mobile banking apps in new ways, using person-to-person payments to cut out the middleman and transfer money directly to friends or relatives.  Bringing that same feeling of personalization and control to new areas like your marketing outreach can only strengthen a financial institution’s brand.


Sept. 27, 2012



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