Top Apps for Credit Union Headlines

5 apps to help you stay up on the industry’s headlines while you’re on the road.


It was only three years ago that I still had a flip phone, holding out against the oncoming crush of smart phone technology. I didn’t care. That flip phone could call, text, and would only occasionally turn off without warning. What else did people want out of a phone?

A lot apparently. I never really wanted a smart phone, but after I bought one my life changed. Now, like a good Gen Y’er, I’m constantly surfing through my phone or tablet. Life is better and there are only a handful of things I cannot do from the flick of a finger. But if having a smart phone or tablet made life easier, then having a wide variety of apps made life complete.

I never thought about staying in touch with the credit union industry from an app. Generally, I used them for texting, emailing or ordering pizza. But as a newcomer to the credit union industry, and someone who understands the necessity and convenience of apps, it seemed important that I kept myself constantly informed. I tried several credit union apps until I found the one I preferred.

ABI Research estimates that 70 billion apps will be downloaded in 2013, but because there are about 2 million apps available across all devices, finding the right app can take some help. Here I rank my Top 5 Credit Union Related Apps: 

cu-plus-app-icon-large#1. CreditUnions+

CreditUnions+ shares content from, its parent website, along with industry news feeds, all aggregated in a single interface. features and opeds provide an analytical angle to your morning. This app is the only one to include credit union data along with the headlines. It is also the only customizeable app, allowing readers to select other feeds to browse during your morning commute.

The app is organized between four sections, and you are able to quickly navigate through the content and forward along articles of interest. The user is never at a loss for information, as he can see RSS feeds from other news sources in the credit union world, including CU Times, CU Journal, American Banker and NAFCU. Want to expand your reading list? Adding additional sources is a simple process. The credit union search & analyze feature under “Data,” a popular feature from, allows one to access data profiles of credit unions from the convenience of your pocket. Much like the parent website, the design is clean and articles are easily accessible. The font can also be modified to fit user preference.

The app is free in the Apple App Store. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

#2. Credit Union News Everyday

If all you want is news, Credit Union News Everyday offers users four different credit union news sources, linking to the RSS news feeds from Credit Union Times, Credit Union Journal, Credit Union Magazine and Credit Union National Association News Now. Users can easily go from the app’s home page to the home pages of the news sources, free to search outside the constraints of the RSS feeds. The app is simple: a scrolling menu appears with access to each RSS feed, and those feeds are constantly updated with the most recent posts from each site. The app links to each news source’s website so the curious surfer can continue his information search quickly and efficiently. 

The app is free in the Apple App Store. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

#3. CU Insight

CU Insight aggregates all of the daily content from for on-the-go browsing. The app is organized into four sections, “All News,” Latest News,” “Community,” and “Press.” The posts are simply organized and posting content to social media sites is easily accessible, if not encouraged. CU Insight, along with the website that birthed it, posts minimal original content. One issue I had with the app, however, was the font size. It was small and could not be modified, which bothered me after reading a few posts.

The app is free in the Apple App Store. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

#4. CUNA Advocacy

It’s likely that CUNA developed their Advocacy app for the more motivated and passionate among us. The app is designed for the purpose of contacting members of Congress on issues of importance to credit unions—principally the tax exemption on dividends. The interface is simple: the user can find an event schedule, talking points that relate to a topic of interest, videos, the CUNAadvocacy twitter feed and a list of members of Congress complete with their personal twitter handles. The app is easy to use, and for those looking to lobby Congress on behalf of credit unions, the app exists as an extensive resource, pulling all relevant information into one convenient app sized place.

The app is free in the Apple App Store. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

#5. Credit Union Journal

The Credit Union Journal offers its paying subscribers news and analysis from all around the credit union industry. The app acts as an extension of the Journal, putting this information into the laps of Journal subscribers. It is only available on the iPad, and as such the interface is open and it is easy to read. The reader receives updated content throughout the course of the day, which he can then share via email or bookmark to read later. One of the app’s best capabilities is the side bar the reader can access while reading an article. It allows readers to browse related content without going back to the main page. 

The app is free in the Apple App Store for Credit Union Journal subscribers. Compatible with iPad.

For companies and credit unions looking for a way to improve their product and service capabilities, creating an app is a simple solution. To the companies that already have apps: us Gen Y’ers thank you.


June 28, 2013

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