What’s A Video Worth?

If a video is uploaded to YouTube, but no one shares it …


After a 72-hour time period, the average person retains 10% of text, 65% of images but an astounding 95% of video. This video by BoT Videos presents some astounding statistics like these about the power of video today.  And it makes sense. After all, video engages two of our five senses, while text alone only engages our sight.

From a marketing perspective, video is becoming the new text. Having a video on a website’s homepage gives the site a 53% higher chance of being on the first page of a Google search, according to a recent Social Times article.

Adding a video to the homepage is a sure-fire way to increase your website’s SEO and make your site more visible. In today’s Google-driven world, if you don’t appear on the first page of Google, you may as well not exist.  The generation of college students and grads going back to school these days is known for being tech-savvy. We use the Internet to seek out information about products and services. Gen Y will search the Internet to find a financial institution. If you can engage them through a video, they’re more likely to join your credit union — 85% more likely, in fact, according to Social Times.

It’s true that most of the hundreds of videos being shared every second are cats doing cute things or funny home videos. But video is also a great way to share knowledge in a more interesting way than text. Video is powerful, as these statistics show.

Remember how “Kony 2012” took the world by storm after a strategic launch by the Invisible Children team? Video content alone can get lost in the white noise of YouTube, but combined with SEO and social media, video can be shared at an viral rate. Combining creative video content with creative marketing techniques is a sure way to step up your credit union’s web presence. So start shooting!


Sept. 4, 2012


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