Financial institutions collect and have access to a treasure trove of member information. Finding ways to use it to better the member experience, however, is hard. But not impossible.

It’s become more common for credit unions to deploy analysts and build analytical-focused departments to help information-rich, time-poor organizations make informed decisions in near real-time. In finding analytical solutions to common challenges, credit unions are finding new ways to put member data to work.

Here’s how today’s credit unions are using analytics to their advantage.

A 4-Year Journey Into The Heart Of Analytics

St. Mary’s Bank used the power of data visualization software to introduce stronger business intelligence and analytics into the organization — and into the strategic decision-making process.
By Erik Payne

2 Lessons From A $3 Billion Data Powerhouse

BCU started small and developed its business intelligence on a case-by-case basis. Now, 12 years in, the credit union is considering how to re-engineer its data depository.
By Erik Payne

How To Build A BI Team That Drives Results

A CFO-led team of four specialists and an intern collaborate across the enterprise at the world’s largest university credit union.
By Marc Rapport

How To Embed Analytical Minds Across An Organization

An internal program at Wings Financial builds serious data skills for interested employees.
By Erik Payne

Use Data To Act, Not Just Analyze

For Financial Center First FCU, using predictive analytics to inspire action is all in a day’s work.
By Erik Payne

Crunching Numbers Leads To Surging Loans

How data analytics and life experience drive record auto loan production at Oregon Community Credit Union.
By Erik Payne