Credit Unions Are Trending

State Employees’ of North Carolina is a hot search on Google.



A quick check this morning of Google Trends, which shows how often a term is searched relative to the total search volume, shows State Employees’ Credit Union in North Carolina is ranked No. 2 in the “Hot Searches.” Although SECU ($21B, Raleigh, NC) frequently shows up in popular publications — The Wall Street Journal, FoxBusiness, and Reuters to name just three — this shot of viral interest shows how a great program coupled with a strong press release yields immediate online results.

Yesterday’s press release, SECU’s Difference in Attitude Gives Members “Another Chance!” references a new service in which the credit union sends members a text message or secure message alert when the member’s checking account does not contain sufficient funds to cover transactions. By giving members an “early wakeup call” SECU hopes that they will take action and fund the account and avoid the NSF fees they’d otherwise accrue.

In this day and age, these types of changes are enlightening for consumers and are a positive message for credit unions to be putting out to members. The release drew so much interest, it slowed SECU’s site (although the site stayed fully functional).

Enrollment for the program is easy for SECU members. They just visit SECU’s website and provide mobile service contact information. There is no cost for the member and unlike some fellow banking brethren, what you see is what you get! 



Sept. 8, 2010


  • Thanks for this Ryan - as you know, one of my initiatives at CU*A is to try and promote the use of PR and Social Media for Credit Unions to better communicate with their membership and the industry - and this is an awesome example!
    Rachel King