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CUSP CEO Onboarding

CEO Onboarding

Welcome Aboard: A Guide For New CEOs


When a new CEO joins the team, everyone looks to them for oversight, supervision, and most importantly, leadership. That’s a tall order to fill, regardless of whether the CEO has worked his or her way up the ranks or is joining the credit union from a new institution. This collection features thoughtful advice from eight credit union CEOs on what it takes to be a successful CEO and how to build that success from day one.

CUSP Inspiration Edition

Inspiration Edition

Where Do Credit Unions Go For Inspiration?


Probably not to the usual suspects. And that’s the goal of this unusual CUSP Collection: to highlight ideas from outside the industry that will jump-start your creative juices. From local microbreweries to the international retail giant Apple, from a leading rock band to the NFL, this collection draws parallels to the credit union industry in five innovative case studies.

CUSP Financial Literacy Edition

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy: Why Now And How Much?


NCUA requires board of directors volunteers to have a “working familiarity with basic finance and accounting practices.” While the extent of financial literacy that volunteers must meet depends on each credit union’s complexity, there are basic concepts, definitions, and formulas every credit union volunteer and member of management should know. This CUSP Collection combines the four parts of CUSP’s Financial Literacy Series into one comprehensive booklet.

CUSP Guthrie Edition

Anatomy of a Big Thinker

Guthrie Federal Credit Union Isn’t Your Typical Mid-Sized Credit Union


Guthrie Federal Credit Union (Sayre, PA) has more than quadrupled its asset base in the past 10 years, and it did so by thinking big. The Callahan Media team spent two days onsite in upstate Pennsylvania to peel back the curtain on Guthrie’s success. In this CUSP Collection, Rebecca Wessler distills the lessons from a small credit union making a big impact in its local market.

CUSP Security Service Edition

Anatomy of a Dual Market

The Old Adage “You Can’t Be In Two Places At Once” Doesn’t Ring True For Credit Unions


Whether serving members with differing affiliations or serving a membership that spans neighborhoods, cities, or states, credit unions are often required to be in two places at once. In CUSP Collection Security Service Federal Credit Union reveals its strategy for being in two places at once boils down to one thing: Understand and meet members’ needs, wherever those members may be.

CUSP CUSOs Edition


CUSOs Come In All Shapes And Sizes, Yet All Prove Helpful In Improving Earnings And Saving Money


The past few years credit union service organizations have pioneered a number of new earning opportunities. In addition to being a viable strategy for diversifying a credit unions’ earnings, CUSOs are also proving to be a source of cost savings and efficiency enhancement. This CUSP Collection profiles CUSOs, young and old, that are making a difference for the credit unions they serve.

CUSP ROM Edition

ROM [Return Of The Member]

Credit Unions Have Different Goals Than For-Profit Financial Institutions


Instead of solely examining financial data, credit unions must also quantify the value they provide to members to accurately understand their performance. Callahan’s Return Of The Member [ROM] score is built for just that. This collection examines how small institutions, those in the $20-$50M peer group, are succeeding at providing exceptional member value.

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