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Strategy & Performance 1Q 2012

Industry Performance

A Pro-Consumer Movement
Credit unions set records in loan originations and assets, but it's the one-on-one relationships that provide the foundation for a lifetime member.
By Jay Johnson

Anatomy Of A Market: Spokane, WA

Superior customer awareness and enviable market share in deposits and mortgages are just a few of the benefits that come with being a credit union in Spokane, WA.

Railroad Ties Run Deep
Numerica, a railroad credit union, has turned into an economic engine for Spokane and its surrounding communities.
By Rebecca Wessler

A Primary Financial Institution
Members at Primesource use the credit union for products, services, information, and more.
By Rebecca Wessler

Success For One, Success For All
Spokane Media Federal Credit Union demonstrates how credit unions collaborate and support one another, even when they are competing.
By Rebecca Wessler

The Heart of The Member
Spokane Teachers Credit Union serves many members under one guiding principle.
By Rebecca Wessler

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Download the Anatomy Of A Market PDF.

Credit Union Compensation

Executive Compensation Is A Give And Take
When developing the perfect compenstation program, credit unions must show top talent more than the money. They must also recognize employee achievements and contributions.
By Rebecca McClay

Establishing Pay Amid A Merger
Creating new compensation program during a merger requires more than picking and choosing the best elements from two plans.
By Rebecca McClay

Sift Through Compensation Elements Carefully
In an increasingly competitive hiring market, more credit unions are emphasizing incentivized pay.
By Rebecca McClay

Cooperative Strategies

Ready to stop talking about cooperation and start living it? These credit unions share resources, assets, leadership, and insight without losing their brand advantage or local appeal.

Credit Unions Pioneer Innovative Operational And Governance Strategies
Sharing resources and leadership among separate credit unions and brand-aware merger partners creates scale without isolating a localized membership base.
By Aaron Pugh

Cooperation Nation
Governance models from outside the credit union system, and outside the country, can influence stateside principles and practices.
By Aaron Pugh

Multiple Brands, One Mission
How three separate, well-performing Ohio credit unions identified an opportunity to grow collectively, while keeping their local identities intact.
By Aaron Pugh

Exploring a Different Charter

Charter Change?
Blue Lakes FCU needs to change its strategy to achieve better wallet share and member engagement. Its CEO think a shake-up in its field of membership will do the trick.
By Brooke C. Stoddard

Grow By Adding Undeserved Areas
Branching into an undeserved area is a conservative approach that would allow Blue Lakes to serve its current SEGs with the strong relationship it has built over decades.
By Brandy Logan

Consider A Community Charter, Then A State Charter
If Blue Lakes really wants growth, it should let go of the idea of growing by SEGs.
By Wayne Vann

Focus On A Trade, Industry, Or Profession
A switch to a tip charter could recast Blue Lakes as an educator's credit union.
By Juli Anne Callis

Carefully Consider A Charter Change
Regardless of charter type, it's product and services that drive long-term success.
By Jim Regan


Summer Road Trip 2012: Cooperative Grocery Edition
Next time you find yourself around the picnic table, take a moment to see if that burger or beverage comes courtesy of one of these exemplary food co-ops.
By Leigh Anne Terry

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