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Strategy & Performance 1Q 2013

Industry Performance
Credit unions originated $82.7 billion in loans in the first three months of 2013 by anticipating evolving needs among their membership.
By Jay Johnson

Anatomy Of A Collaborator
As an operator or investor in 14 different CUSOs, Maps Credit Union is not affraid to pioneer new cross-industry collaboration.

Hear firsthand from the credit union's leaders. Watch the Anatomy Of A Collaborator video series. Watch Now

Download the Anatomy Of Maps Credit Union PDF.

Peace In The Valley
A northwestern cooperative steps outside the sandbox to ensure members' financial lives are as serene as their physical surroundings.
By Aaron Pugh

Pet Projects That Paid Off
A look behind the curtain at four of Maps Credit Union's most successful CUSO endeavors.
By Aaron Pugh

When The Grass Really Is Greener
The evolution of Maps' CUSO culture has not only expanded the credit union's footprint and business capabilities but also helped balance the credit union in a tumultuous business world.
By Aaron Pugh

Your Job. My Job. Our Job.
Maps Credit Union embraces the cooperative spirit to maximize its competitive advantage in six distinct areas.
By Aaron Pugh

On The Cusp

Strategic planning encompasses every component of the cooperative business model. Here's how credit unions can chart an effective, adaptive course that stands the test of time.

Cooperative Strategies

From building strategic headquarters to fostering cultural and economic resources that help draw the masses, follow these best practices to reinvest in the home team.

Leadership Perspectives

Credit union executives explain how to hire the right individuals and invest in the right resources to effectively mitigate risk in a wild financial world.

Expanding Risk Management To The Larger Enterprise
Mountain America Credit Union altered and enhanced its own existing program, creating a richer, deeper risk management protocol.
By Cathy Smoyer

Managing Risk Reveals Opportunity
Member One FCU uses ERM to identify and measure the impact of current business risks while assessing emerging threats.
By Tim Rowe

The Changing Role Of Risk Manager
Complex regulations, increased regulator pressure, and risk-based exams have forced risk management to be more global.
By Michael Martin and David Bunch

People. Process. Technology.
EECU weaves effective risk management into the credit union by starting with its people and culture, then using technology to enhance risk analytics.
By Dick Ashijan

Diversions: Mistakes Were Made — Just Not By You

Every successful business gets knocked down at one time or another. But as these examples demonstrate, it's how you get back up that matters.

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