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Strategy & Performance 1Q 2014

Letter From The Managing Editor

The Tao Of Innovation
Moving like water is the key to going farther and reaching your goals faster.
By Aaron Pugh

Consumer Sentiments And Employee Insights From First Quarter 2014
Comments from online review sites can help credit unions refine their culture, technology, and operations.
By Aaron Pugh

State In The Spotlight: Maryland
Maryland credit unions have achieved solid results through the beginning of the year.

Voices In The Industry

6 Tips To Reach The Corner Office
Why performance trumps gender and other advice for aspiring leaders.
By Joan Opp, CEO, Stanford Federal Credit Union

Heroes In High Places
Good leadership requires addressing the causes of problems, putting solutions in place that eliminate repeat problems, and taking accountability for institutional failures.
By Henry Wirz, CEO, SAFE Credit Union

Our Take

Home-Based Credit Unions, Slow Money, And Constraint
Callahan's leadership team weighs in on what's happening around the industry.
By Rebecca Wessler

Industry Performance

By Jay Johnson

Innovation Through Perspiration
Credit unions have always been outgunned, impeded, and underestimated. So why are these financial institutions winning in a time when so many others have fallen short?

Industry Performance By The Numbers

Anatomy Of MECU Of Baltimore, Inc.

By Erik Payne

Thriving In A Troubled City
How MECU embraced Baltimore's demographic challenges, increased its members' financial stability, and provided a beacon of hope where others fell short.

5 Things To Master To Become A Billion-Dollar Institution
Now at a turning point in its history, MECU looks back at a transformation that has been 20 years in the making.

Advance And Survive
How one state-chartered institution joined forces with a bank, opened the doors to a new generation of business acquisitions, and preserved an important Baltimore tradition.

Create A Culture Of Caring
An award-winning cooperative shares its formula for making community service an integral part of the workplace.

Want More? Hear firsthand from the credit union's leaders in the Anatomy Of MECU of Baltimore, Inc. video series.

Download the Anatomy Of MECU of Baltimore, Inc. PDF.

Ideas In Action

By Drew Grossman

Building The Six Million Dollar Employee … On A Budget
Industry data reveals increased staffing numbers as well as evidence of enhanced employee roles and responsibilities among the nation's credit unions.
By Janet Lee

Staff For The 21st Century
In response to an evolving industry, new job titles are appearing on credit union payrolls.

How New Positions Are Made
Finding the right person for a new cooperative role or responsibility starts with building a case for the job.

Executives Making The Rounds
What's the secret to rotating executives to different positions successfully? Weekly meetings, low turnover, and trust.


By Aaron Pugh

Where Online And Offline Meet
Human interaction and user-driven features are what unlock a delivery channel's full potential.

Trade Brick And Mortar For Brick-And-Better
New technology combines the relationship-building benefits of the branch environment with the barrier-busting reach of remote capabilities.

Mobile Loan Production Goes Mainstream
One California credit union lets members virtually apply for and close almost any loan imaginable.

6 Evolving Uses For Social Media
If you are only concerned about hard-dollar ROI, you're missing the point. The benefits of these dynamic channels become apparent in other ways.


Cult Of Personality
A look at the advantages and perils of having your brand tied to a visionary figurehead.
By Leigh Anne Terry

How To Replace A Legend
Finding a replacement for any key employee can be difficult, so how do you go about finding successors for those iconic, one-of-a-kind leaders who represent the guiding force behind your institution?
By Drew Grossman

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