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Strategy & Performance 1Q 2015

Letter From The Managing Editor

Wet Blankets Beware
According to Psychology Today, there are few words more dangerous to progress than “Yes, but…”
By Aaron Pugh

Consumer Sentiments And Employee Insights From First Quarter 2015
Real comments from online review sites can help credit unions better tout their cooperative advantages, diffuse technology tensions, and decide when to send bad eggs packing.
By Erik Payne

On Leadership

Jon Hernandez On Leadership
Jon Hernandez, the CEO of three California credit unions, describes his work-life balance, the importance of collaboration, and the logic behind a screen-door leadership policy.
By Rebecca Wessler

State In The Spotlight: Nevada

State In The Spotlight: Nevada
How do credit unions in Nevada stack up against the nation?
By Aaron Pugh

Industry Performance

Be The Sculptors, Not The Clay
Good decision-making and a focus on the fundamentals has helped cooperatives shape their local economies.
By Jay Johnson

Industry Performance By The Numbers 1Q 2015
A breakdown of the industry’s financial performance and impact in 1Q 2015.

Anatomy Of Greater Nevada Credit Union
By Aaron Pugh

How The West Was (Re)Won
Greater Nevada Credit Union shows the future of the American West is still defined by a pioneering spirit.

Are You Working The Odds?
Greater Nevada shares seven changes it has made over the past decade that have helped it succeed, no matter how the dice roll.

How To Thrive In Merchant Services
Greater Nevada Credit Union shares its business blueprint for creating holistic relationships with a spectrum of partners.

People-Powered Progress
The key to Greater Nevada’s success starts within its own walls, but it certainly doesn’t end there.

Ideas In Action

The Roles Less Traveled
Two credit unions explain why logic trumps tradition when it comes to their division of responsibilities.
By Aaron Pugh

Why Marketing And Planning Are A Perfect Pairing
What VyStar Credit Union’s senior vice president of marketing and planning says about her general responsibilities and how she fits in to the overall organization.
By Erik Payne

From IT To "We"-T
Don’t let staff intransigence create digital divides that impede new products or imperil growth.
By Scott Patterson, Vice President of New Business, Callahan & Associates

4 Ways To Staff Tomorrow’s Credit Union Today
Tomorrow's credit union demands a different skill set. Hire for those skills now.
By Janet Lee

By Marc Rapport

Honey, I Shrunk The Credit Union
Three tech-savvy institutions share how they miniaturized important portions of their business models to maximize the value of mobile.

One App To Bind Them All
America First had a captive audience for its new all-in-one mobile lending app, even before telling anyone it was there.

Banking’s Newest Compliance Enigma Comes With A Data Plan
An abundance of devices, each with their own respective compliance unknowns, has muddied the waters for many financial institutions. Here’s how to get clarity.

What'll They Think Of Next?
Apple Watch is just the beginning for mobile-oriented, blue-sky thinkers in the credit union space.

By Leigh Anne Terry

How To Make Money From Hollywood
Stuck in a cooperative business rut? Let these stories from the silver screen relight your imagination.

The Last Word: Connect The Cable Wires

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