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Strategy & Performance 2Q 2012

Industry Performance

Credit Unions Post Fastest Loan Growth Since 2009
Credit unions posted faster member and loan growth, achieved the highest second quarter and midyear origination levels in credit union history, and shored-up stronger asset quality and earnings.
By Jay Johnson


Anatomy Of A Diversified Loan Portfolio
The right mix of loan offerings and market awareness helps a Pennsylvania-based credit union reach new members and post stronger growth numbers than its peers.
By Rebecca Wessler

Not-So-Risky Business
Individualized attention to decisioning and underwriting ensures Members 1st makes solid loans for every member, every time.
By Rebecca Wessler

One Size Does Not Fit All
A diverse mix of loan products has enabled Members 1st Federal Credit Union to post impressive growth numbers while providing for a community with differing needs.
By Rebecca Wessler

A Formidable Sales Force
Members 1st connects with the community and strengthens its lending portfolio through ongoing face-to-face interaction and education.
By Rebecca Wessler

Pennsylvania-based Members 1st Credit Union consistently posts strong loan growth, even when loan demand is soft.

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In With The New, In With The Old
Member onboarding programs are not just about cross-selling products, they're about connecting with members to help them achieve their financial goals.
By Bailey Reutzel

How To Invigorate Your Local Economy
The economy is slowly rebounding, and credit unions are stepping up to provid assistance where their communities need it most — in small businesses, the housing market, and emplyoment.
By Rebecca McClay

Case Study: Old Brand. New Brand. One Brand? Two Brands?
A St. Louis credit union needs to appeal to a growing community membership but doesn't want to alienate its long-time SEGs that represent the heart of the institution.
By Brooke C. Stoddard


The Oasis Builders
Credit unions might recognize the tactics and approaches used to answer the growing problem of food deserts across America. These strategies provide inspiration for those working to end financial services deserts nationwide.
By Leigh Anne Terry

The Last Word
Remember that television game show "Classic Concentration?" Contestants would have to match and remove squares to reveal a series of pictures that represented a word or a phrase, all while Alix Trebek snarked away from his podium. Here at The Last Word, we've taken away the squares and the sarcastic Canadian host, leaving six picture word puzzles. Just sound out and combine the image clues to decipher the names of six credit unions. Enjoy!
By Leigh Anne Terry

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