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Strategy & Performance 2Q 2013

Industry Performance

Credit unions are already seeing record success. But now, the time has come for the industry to shift into high gear.

Anatomy Of A Strategic Intent

For nearly eight decades, SPIRE FCU has provided financial services to the Twin Cities region. But in the past three years, the credit union has adopted new strategies to win this community's heart.

Hear firsthand from the credit union's leaders. Watch the Anatomy Of A Strategic Intent video series. Watch Now

Download the Anatomy Of SPIRE Federal Credit Union PDF.

On The Cusp

Discover the variety of ways cooperatives are expanding their portfolios as well as the pros and cons of having either an automated or decentralized underwriting system.

The Evolution Of The Credit Union Loan Portfolio
Cooperatives across the nation are enhancing traditional strengths while adapting to new market opportunities.
By Andrew Bolton

2 Ways To Evaluate Risk
Both automated and decentralized underwriting systems offer pros and cons to consider.
By Catherine Siskos

Getting Mileage From Small-Dollar Loans
Niche lending helps credit unions build a loyal following while boosting portfolio values.
By Catherine Siskos

Big Bets That Pay Off
The high-stakes, high-dollar value of commercial lending boosts and diversifies Technology Credit Union’s loan portfolio.
By Catherine Siskos

Cooperative Strategies

Credit unions share the value of referral campaigns, debate the effectiveness of paid referrals, and demonstrate alternatives to formal campaigns that can yield impressive results.

Score Major Points With Member Referrals
Whether they offer formal incentives or an environment for people to interact, cooperatives are relying on members to help build a buzz around their brand.
By Drew Grossman

Give The People A Platform
Sometimes all members need to generate referrals is the opportunity to interact with others.
By Drew Grossman

Getting By With A Little Help From Your Friends
Referrals aren’t just about boosting membership. For institutions like Affinity Plus, they’re also a way to benchmark your overall effectiveness as a cooperative.
By Drew Grossman

Turning Words Into Money Or Turning Money Into Air?
Credit unions are divided on whether member payouts for referrals achieve the maximum results.
By Drew Grossman

Leadership Perspectives

Three credit union leaders who had former careers in banking reflect on the similarities, differences, and respective strengths of these two industries.

Popular Mythology Does Not Hold Up To Reality
Banks and credit unions operate in disparate systems, yet the providers of financial services have many traits in common.
By David Mooney

A New Perspective On Financial Services
A former bank executive points to mission and long-term strategy as the primary differences between credit unions and banks.
By Todd Hall

A CFO’s Perspective
One difference between community banks and credit unions is a banker’s emphasis on ROE and a credit union’s emphasis on ROA.
By Michael Ragsdale


The New Rules In Retail
The concept of alternative retail locations has gained steam among mainstream shoppers. We shed some light on the opportunities available to those who consider such approaches.

The Last Word

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