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Strategy & Performance 3Q 2013

Letter From The Editor

What Now! Or What’s Next?
Why are we sick of change and how do we change it?
By Aaron Pugh


How applied leadership, customized benchmarking, and a boots-on-the-ground mentality set one credit union apart from its community competitors.

Answering The Hoosier Call
In a market where local and community-oriented service is the base expectation for most businesses, Heritage Federal Credit Union has spent years mastering how to stand out from the crowd.
By Aaron Pugh

10 Ways To Lend To Tomorrow’s Members
Heritage FCU demonstrates how a little creativity can go a long way in adapting traditional strategies to an evolving loan environment.
By Aaron Pugh

Our Best Today, Even Better Tomorrow
Ongoing investments in processes, people, and technology ensure Heritage’s trip to the top
is a one-way ticket.
By Aaron Pugh

A Kinetic Approach To Brand Development
Heritage didn’t fully hit its stride until employees learned to step out from behind the teller line and executives broke free of the corner office.
By Aaron Pugh

Hear firsthand from the credit union's leaders. Watch the Anatomy Of Heritage Federal Credit Union video series. Watch Now

Download the Anatomy Of Heritage Federal Credit Union PDF.


The industry's best minds address thorny regulation issues, such as the business lending cap and coping with examiners, while offering ideas on how to take the tax exemption question off the table permanently.

Regulation Lemonade
Life often hands credit unions new regulations and other lemons. Yet the cooperative system has an impressive track record of clearing these obstacles or turning them into stepping stones for new growth.
By Andrew Bolton

Breaking Out Of The Cap Conundrum
These three far-sighted strategies can help remove roadblocks and provide a path to increased member business lending.
By Catherine Siskos

Best Practices For Acing A Regulatory Exam
One NCUA examiner-turned-CEO offers advice and insight for credit unions looking to tackle regulator concerns head on.
By Catherine Siskos

Let’s Make A Deal — Or Not
Credit unions can finally settle the tax exemption issue by rallying the base or striking a bargain.
By Catherine Siskos


Running into roadblocks due to core provider consolidation or an over-reliance on ancillary systems? Looking to execute a conversion or tailor an existing core to evolving needs? Use these strategies to become the architect of your own technology future.

At The Center Of It All
Whether it’s through conversion, in-house development, or a third-party extension, keeping core systems at peak capacity is a must for any institution.
By Drew Grossman

The Wanted List
Why credit unions are holding core technology providers to a new standard of innovation and engagement.
By Scott Patterson

Tips From The Operating Table
After a make-or-break core conversion in 2012, Orion FCU shares strategies and best practices to help other credit unions navigate the process.
By Drew Grossman

Keyboards And Elbow Grease
Credit unions willing to think outside the box have a wealth of options to tailor and augment their core system.
By Drew Grossman


Creating an environment that yields quality and quantity is a tricky undertaking, but you don't need to blaze this path alone. See what motivates employees outside the credit union industry, and adapt these strategies to create a workplace worth bragging about.

Forget Chutes And Ladders, Focus On What Matters
Creating a modern work environment doesn’t always mean going to the extreme (we’re looking at you, companies with slides in your offices!). Here’s how credit unions can create engaging workplaces that, well, actually work.
By Leigh Anne Terry

Workplace 2.0
We highlight the good (gym), the bad (traffic), and the just plain ugly (flu season) realities of the modern workplace so credit unions can build a better alternative for their employees.
By Leigh Anne Terry

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