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Strategy & Performance 3Q 2015

Letter From The Managing Editor

Goodbye, And See You Soon!
Callahan's Credit Union Strategy & Performance has grown and evolved alongside the cooperative institutions and industry it profiles. Now, more exciting changes await in 2016.
By Aaron Pugh

Consumer Sentiments And Employee Insights 3Q 2015
Real comments from online review sites can help credit unions discover competitive differences, build a culture worthy of cool titles, and avoid the costly mistake of feeing without feeling.
By Callahan & Associates

On Leadership

Wendy Bryant-Beswick On Leadership
Wendy Bryant-Beswick, chief marketing officer at Generations Federal Credit Union, talks about digital transitions, max-value mediums, and why marketers deserve a dedicated seat at the strategy table.

The Economy At Large

The Economy At Large 3Q 2015
Expect economic hurdles and high jumps in 2016.
By Dwight Johnston

State In The Spotlight: Alabama
How do credit unions in Alabama stack up against the nation?

Industry Performance

Break Free Of The Corner Office
Good cooperative leaders aren't just thinking about their financial performance in the next quarter or even the next 40 beyond that. Rather, they are expanding their focus to embrace external opportunities and new supporting roles within the community.
By Jay Johnson

Industry Performance By The Numbers 3Q 2015
A breakdown of the industry's financial performance and impact in third quarter 2015.

Anatomy Of Listerhill Credit Union
By Erik Payne

It's Work Hard, Play Hard. Not Work Hard, Pay Hard.
Listerhill Credit Union makes its home in a place where rock 'n' roll and hard work coexist.

A 10-Year Plan To Send Listerhill Back To The Future
Taking inspiration from popular culture and performance excellence training, this Alabama credit union has put together a living strategic plan for the next decade.

An Outpost Or The New Front Line?
Listerhill Credit Union sees opportunity for loan and membership growth in Tennessee. But expanding from its single, merger-acquired location to a broader, contiguous footprint is a difficult play.

Fishing For Gen Y
Bring a millennial into a credit union environment and the institution will survive for a day. But bring a credit union into a millennial environment and it will thrive for a lifetime.

Ideas In Action

The Account That Matches Your Effort
How Dupaco's individual development account and broader network of support helps those in need build a solid financial foundation.
By Ted Goldwyn

Funding The Future
Credit unions received more than $50 million in grants over the past 12 months. Where did that money come from? And where is it going?
By Sam Taft

Fired Up About Philanthropy
How Mazuma Credit Union created a foundation to supplement community service volunteerism.
By Marc Rapport

Credit Unions Pay It Forward In More Ways Than One
Learn how four credit unions are making a major impact on their communities, from small everyday acts throughout the year to large-scale volunteer events.
By Sharon Simpson


Increased Competition Fuels Core Market Share Gains And Losses
Credit unions let their wallets do the talking in 2015. Here's how their core preferences played out.
By Sam Taft

How To Extract Maximum Value From Core Processing
Outside consultants and internal cooperation can help review and recommend ways to get the most from the heart of the technology infrastructure.
By Marc Rapport

Why Did This Alabama Credit Union Take Back Its Core?
Increased flexibility and leaner operations are just two reasons Birmingham's Mutual Savings left its service bureau, but the move is not for everyone.
By Marc Rapport

Outsourcing Offers Silent Nights For A Texas Credit Union
People's Trust FCU recaptured staff time and added operational reliability with its move from an in-house core to an external data center.
By Marc Rapport

By Leigh Anne Terry

The New Rules Of Business In A #Trending World
Actions in and out of the office now spread faster and farther than ever before. Here's how to make sure the court of public opinion rules in your favor.

The Last Word: Membership Has Its Privileges

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