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Strategy & Performance 4Q 2013

Letter From The Managing Editor
Wolves Need Not Apply
Despite new challenges to their business models, credit unions are choosing to be progressive rather than predatory.
By: Aaron Pugh

Consumer Sentiments And Employee Insights From Fourth Quarter 2013
Comments from online review sites can help credit unions refine their brand, sales culture, technology, and operations.
By: Aaron Pugh

State In The Spotlight: Mississippi
Mississippi credit unions are opening checking accounts at a faster rate than they’re adding new members. But member relationships run even deeper than deposits.


The Reasons And Process Behind Switching To A State Charter
When Denver Community switched charters to expand its membership base, it gained regulatory advocates as well as potential members.
By: Carla Hedrick, CEO, Denver Community Credit Union

Success Begets Success For The Nation’s Largest Ethnic Credit Union
PSFCU members reward their credit union’s philanthropy with lasting loyalty.
By: Bogdan Chmielewski, CEO, Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union


Reinvention, Technology, And Regulation
Callahan’s leadership team weighs in on what’s happening around the industry.
By: Rebecca Wessler

A look back at the year that was and a sneak peak at the industry’s priorities and expectations for 2014 and beyond.

When Uncertainty Abounds, It Pays To Play The Long Game
Credit unions adapted to adversity without losing sight of their cooperative values. Such efforts are now paying dividends on and off the balance sheet.
By: Jay Johnson

What Goes Down Must Come Up
Jobs and housing nearly crumbled during the recession. Now, the two economic cornerstones are structurally sound and ready to lift credit unions to a new level of success.
By: Dwight Johnston

2014 Economic Outlook
What are credit union executives saying about today, tomorrow, and the coming year?
By: Rebecca Wessler

Credit Union Resolutions For 2014
Industry leaders share priorities for 2014 and beyond.
By: Erik Payne

With a multifaceted support and funding structure, Hope Credit Union is meeting the needs of low-income communities across a growing multistate footprint.
All articles by Aaron Pugh

Creeks, Rivers, Deltas
Like the Mississippi River for which its home state is named, Hope Credit Union draws from power from many places and instills new life for everyone in its path.

There’s No Place Like Hope
Four practices that allow Hope Credit Union to offer high-dollar loans to higher-risk borrowers.

The Rosetta Stone Approach
By delivering a cultivated message right to the doorstep of regulators and lawmakers, Hope Credit Union is creating a ripple effect that outshines its own reach.

The Big Giveback
Hope Credit Union invests in a shared future of success through a number of philanthropic and community-focused endeavors.

Want More? Hear firsthand from the credit union's leaders in the Anatomy Of Hope Credit Union video series.
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Download the Anatomy Of Hope Credit Union PDF.

Innovative pricing models, exacting methods for tracking marketing returns, and the industry’s first monthly membership fee challenge old assumptions about how to pursue profitability.

The Evolution Of Credit Union Income
Working through economic shake-ups and shifts in consumer activity, credit unions have demonstrated their adaptability.
By: Janet Lee

Soup Up Your Pricing Engine
Competitiveness, income, risk, and engagement drive the results for four distinct pricing models.
By: Catherin Siskos

The Year Of Living Dangerously
Arizona Federal Credit Union’s new monthly membership fee was a risky move that has proven to build a more engaged membership.
By: Catherine Siskos

How To Calculate The Bang For Marketing Bucks
Two credit unions offer tips for tracking and evaluating dollar return on promotions and campaigns.
By: Catherine Siskos

Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) chip cards are set to become the new payment standard in the United States. Here are best practices from early adopters and where cutting edge credit unions are placing there bets for more modern options.

Cards Deal Credit Unions A Winning Hand
A dive into industry data reveals the growing importance of payments-related products and business lines.
By: Janet Lee

To EMV Or Wait And See?
A shift in the secure payments standard is coming, but not every institution is ready to make the switch just yet.
By: Drew Grossman

The Final Countdown
A look back at the major developments in EMV and the impending milestones leading up to the 2015 liability shift.
By: Drew Grossman

What’s Next For The Payments Space?
Even as credit unions make the switch to EMV-enabled cards, newer payment technology is entering the market.
By: Drew Grossman

HBO, Starbucks, and Amazon are using freebies to give and get a little extra from their customers. How can credit unions make that strategy work for them?

Free A Little, Get A Lot
Tap into the power of gratis value-adds and service enhancements to strengthen loyalty and drive business to your organization.
By: Leigh Anne Terry and Erik Payne

Two Ways To Make Free Work For You
Celebrate the brand or celebrate the individual? Either philosophy can help credit unions organize their freebie efforts.
By: Leigh Anne Terry and Erik Payne

Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?
Identify the title of the song and the original artist.
By: Leigh Anne Terry

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