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Strategy & Performance 4Q 2014

Letter From The Managing Editor

Be Excellent To Each Other
In order to avoid another “bogus” adventure, credit unions must remember the immortal worlds of two 80’s airheads.
By Aaron Pugh

Consumer Sentiments And Employee Insights

Consumer Sentiments And Employee Insights From Fourth Quarter 2014
Real comments from online review sites can help credit unions address dead zones in their application approval process, reduce the burden in employee reporting, and serve members whose schedules and preferences conflict with the institution’s service delivery strategy.
By Erik Payne

On Leadership

Wayne Hood On Leadership
The senior vice president and chief legal officer at ORNL Federal Credit Union reflects on his leadership style, sources of inspiration, and the potential for some mutually-beneficial alliances with banks.
By Wayne Hood, senior vice president and chief legal officer at ORNL Federal Credit Union

State In The Spotlight: Washington

State In The Spotlight: Washington
How do credit unions in Washington stack up against the nation?

Industry Performance: The 2014 Annual Report

A Year One Century In The Making
Credit unions owe their outstanding annual performance not just to economic fortune but also their desire for shared benefit
By Jay Johnson

Industry Performance By The Numbers
A breakdown of the industry's financial performance and impact in 4Q 2014.

In The Air And On The Road
Celebrating five years of adventure with Callahan’s Anatomy series.
By Erik Payne

Then And Now
Updates and lessons from previous Anatomy credit unions.
By Erik Payne

Callahan’s 2015 Executive Outlook Survey
Does the future look bright for U.S. credit unions? Industry leaders weigh in on where they see opportunities and challenges.
By Rebecca Wessler

2015 Priorities At-A-Glance
A visual breakdown of the credit union industry’s mindset for the year ahead.
By Erik Payne

Anatomy Of BECU

And The World Keeps Spinning
BECU knows what goes around comes around. That’s why it’s emphasizing good planning over good fortune, strategy over scale, and the needs of the many over the demands of a few.
By Aaron Pugh

5 Rules For Running A Multibillion-Dollar Organization
These tactical approaches to products, channels, vendor management, employee engagement, and compliance keep BECU moving forward year after year.
By Aaron Pugh

Marketing To Millions
With more than 7 million potential members to reach and nearly 887,000 current members to stay connected to, BECU isn’t just building a brand, it’s building a beacon.
By Aaron Pugh

From Good To Great
CEO Benson Porter and board member Porsche Everson discuss how BECU attracts and keep cooperative governance talent.
By Aaron Pugh

Download the Anatomy Of BECU PDF.

Ideas In Action

Secure Critical Growth On Both Sides Of The Balance Sheet
Why 2015 is the ideal time to refocus on reactivating core deposits.
By Chip Filson

Perks To Entice Members To Park Their Cash
Purdue Federal’s new rewards program has brought with it an unexpected windfall in deposits.
By Catherine Siskos

2 Ways To Incentivize Deposits
Whether the goal is growth or control, high-yield offerings can shape saving behaviors that benefit the member and the credit union.
By Aaron Pugh

Cracking The Engagement Code
BCU breaks down the strategy it used to increase shares 9.8%
By Erik Payne


How To Recharge Your Credit Card Program
Constant attention is required to remain engaging and competitive in this evolving business line.
By Timothy Kolk, owner of TRK Advisors

5 EMV Decisions Every Credit Union Must Make
A first adopter and two other leaders explain the best ways to deploy security-laden chip cards as the liability shift nears.
By Marc Rapport

Prepaid Card Adds ‘ABILITY’ To SEG Service At UFCU
After years of customizing its core system, KeyPoint decided a streamlined alternative would better suit its needs. So it is re-converting to its existing platform.
By Marc Rapport

Drive Debit Usage With Data-Driven Targeting
How Preferred Credit Union used a one-two punch of high-tech segmenting and low-tech mailings to double its debit ROI.
By Marc Rapport


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