Data Cycle

1Q 2012

By | Oct. 15, 2012

Customize outreach and marketing for various products across multiple generations.

By Worldpay Inc. | Oct. 15, 2012

The field of mobile wallets is wide-open, ranging from the biggest names in payments and the Internet to small startups.

By Timothy Kolk | Oct. 15, 2012

Keep credit card management skills up-to-date as competitive risks increase.


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Partner Perspective
Prioritize Debit Optimization

By Member Access Processing | Oct. 15, 2012

Living in a post-Durbin world requires reducing costs and generating new revenue.

By PSCU | Oct. 15, 2012

Optimize traditional payment revenues now, while preparing to embrace new strategies and technology tomorrow.

By Jim Regan | Oct. 1, 2012

Regardless of charter type, it's product and services that drive long-term success.

By Juli Anne Callis | Oct. 1, 2012

A switch to a tip charter could recast Blue Lakes as an educator's credit union.

By Wayne Vann | Oct. 1, 2012

If Blue Lakes really wants growth, it should let go of the idea of growing by SEGs.

By Brandy Logan | Sept. 28, 2012

Branching into an undeserved area is a conservative approach that would allow Blue Lakes to serve its current SEGs with the strong relationship it has built over decades.

Charter Change?

By Brooke C. Stoddard | Sept. 28, 2012

Blue Lakes FCU needs to change its strategy to achieve better wallet share and member engagement. Its CEO thinks a shake-up in its field of membership will do the trick.

By Rebecca McClay | Sept. 26, 2012

In an increasingly competitive hiring market, more credit unions are emphasizing incentivized pay.

By Aaron Pugh | Sept. 21, 2012

The financial system is ripe for enhanced cooperation between leagues, CUSOs, credit unions, and talented individuals.

By Aaron Pugh | Sept. 17, 2012

How three separate, well-performing Ohio credit unions identified an opportunity to grow collectively, while keeping their local identities intact.

By Aaron Pugh | Sept. 17, 2012

Governance models from outside the credit union system, and outside the country, can influence stateside principles and practices.

By Leigh Anne Terry | Sept. 14, 2012

Next time you find yourself around the picnic table, take a moment to see if that burger or beverage comes courtesy of one of these exemplary food co-ops.

By Rebecca Wessler | Sept. 14, 2012

Numerica, a railroad credit union, has turned into an economic engine for Spokane and its surrounding communities.

By Rebecca Wessler | Sept. 14, 2012

Members at Primesource use the credit union for products, services, information, and more.

By Rebecca Wessler | Sept. 14, 2012

Spokane Media Federal Credit Union demonstrates how credit unions collaborate and support one another, even when they are competing.

By Rebecca Wessler | Sept. 14, 2012

Spokane Teachers Credit Union serves many members under one guiding principle.

By Jay Johnson | Sept. 14, 2012

Consumers have emerged from the economic downturn with new power and are contributing to credit unions' record assets and new highs in lending activity and core account relationships.

By Melissa Forsyth | Sept. 3, 2012

By Callahan & Associates | Aug. 31, 2012

7 ways Spokane credit unions come together to support one another and the industry.

By Callahan & Associates | Aug. 31, 2012

Competitive compensation is not just about the paycheck. Consider these cost-effective resources to show your staff support.

By Rebecca McClay | Aug. 20, 2012

Creating new compensation program during a merger requires more than picking and choosing the best elements from two plans.

By Melissa Forsyth | Aug. 14, 2012

Industry analyst Mark Reed details trends in credit unions' share draft growth so far this year.

By Melissa Forsyth | Aug. 13, 2012

With $10 million in assets, Spokane Media FCU stays competitive while retaining a niche membership.

By Aaron Pugh | Aug. 1, 2012

Don’t just store payment data to comply with regulations, use it to drive informed, successful growth in other areas.

By Melissa Forsyth | July 26, 2012

Industry analyst Andrew Bolton suggests indirect lending to increase auto loan portfolio shares, especially if auto sales continue to rise.

By | July 23, 2012

New auto lending was recovering and used auto lending continued to grow for credit unions in the first quarter.

By Aaron Pugh | July 18, 2012

A Q&A on pioneering in the payments space with the Chief Information Officer of CoVantage Credit Union.

By Melissa Forsyth | July 16, 2012

Callahan & Associates analyst Lydia Cole projects a strong rest of the year for mortgage loan originations.

By Aaron Pugh | July 2, 2012

Where are credit unions in the payments space today and where should the industry invest in the years ahead?

By Melissa Forsyth | June 28, 2012

Callahan & Associates’ analyst Lydia Cole reviews credit unions’ 1Q performance in mortgages.

By Melissa Forsyth | June 27, 2012

Spokane County is a $9B market between credit unions and banks, with credit unions owning 30% of that market.

By Jay Johnson | June 18, 2012

Consumers have emerged from the economic downturn with new power and are contributing to record financial figures.

By Aaron Pugh | June 4, 2012

Three Ohio credit unions are using a proactive staffing strategy during their merger.

By Lydia Cole | June 4, 2012

Credit unions report the highest loan originations for any first quarter on record for the industry.

By Andrew Bolton | May 31, 2012

Credit union data may predict whether the New Jersey Devils or the Los Angeles Kings will win the Stanley Cup.

By Melissa Forsyth | May 29, 2012

Assets hit $1 trillion for the first time as total loans and first mortgage originations hit record levels in the first quarter of 2012.

By | May 29, 2012

Assets hit $1 trillion for the first time as total loans and first mortgage originations hit record levels in the first quarter of 2012.

By Mark Reed | May 28, 2012

Share draft accounts increase 5.6%, nearly three times faster than membership growth.

By Andrew Bolton | May 21, 2012

Credit unions help more members buy cars as they increased outstanding auto loans and auto lending market share in the first quarter of 2012.

By Aaron Pugh | May 21, 2012

Electronic wallets need to be as portable and easy-to-use as physical wallets, says CoVantage CIO Robert Van Abel.

By Mark Reed | May 14, 2012

Credit unions originated their highest loan volume for first quarters, helping members take advantage of historically low interest rates.

By Bailey Reutzel | May 14, 2012

Northern Skies Credit Union originates a substantial amount of used auto loans in the Anchorage area.

By Melissa Forsyth | April 26, 2012

Steven Bugg, chief marketing officer of Heritage Federal Credit Union, shares the "Super Saver" campaign strategy.

By Lydia Cole | April 25, 2012

Credit unions score record quarter for originations and hit historic milestone with assets.

By Melissa Forsyth | April 25, 2012

Laura Mugge of Electro Savings Federal Credit Union explains her credit union's evergreen tree seedling program to promote youth saving.

By TransUnion | Dec. 12, 2011

Credit unions can cautiously plan for a drop in late payments on home loans and credit cards by mid-2012, but not before a slight uptick.