Data Cycle

2Q 2015

By Stephanie Clark | Aug. 25, 2015

A distinct branching model contributes to lean operations at the $3.9 billion institution.

By Sam Taft | Aug. 24, 2015

Strong consumer and real estate lending helped credit union loan originations set a record midyear high.

By Marc Rapport | Aug. 20, 2015

Surging credit union metrics combine with startling measures of Americans’ financial woes to paint picture of opportunity and challenge.


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By Erik Payne | Aug. 19, 2015

Second quarter performance data showcases current and future areas of growth for credit unions, including loans, shares, and variety of income.

By Daniel Wang | Aug. 11, 2015

Wings Financial’s triple-digit annual increase in first mortgage originations is a guiding force in the North Star State.

By Sam Taft | Aug. 11, 2015

A 53% year-over-year increase in auto loans underpins strong lending performance at the Georgia credit union.

By Janet Lee | Aug. 11, 2015

Total YTD loan originations at U.S. credit unions grew 20% year-over-year to reach $200 billion through the first six months of 2015, an increase of more than $30 billion over the same time period last year.

By Aaron Pugh | Aug. 1, 2015

Why opportunities that scare you the most are the very ones you can’t afford to pass up.

By Marc Rapport | Aug. 1, 2015

A Kansas City credit union stakes new ground in an upscale suburb while reorganizing to serve both new and traditional members.

By Marc Rapport | Aug. 1, 2015

Two Mazuma leaders reflect on the renovation of the credit union’s retail delivery network and brand strategy.