Data Cycle

3Q 2013

By Aaron Pugh | Jan. 13, 2014

Heritage didn’t fully hit its stride until employees learned to step out from behind the teller line and executives broke free of the corner office.

By Aaron Pugh | Jan. 13, 2014

Heritage FCU demonstrates how a little creativity can go a long way in adapting traditional strategies to an evolving loan environment.

By Mark Reed | Jan. 6, 2014

A surge in car sales helped credit unions grow auto loans in 2013.


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By Janet Lee | Dec. 19, 2013

Credit unions in the Cornhusker state best national average by 25 basis points.

By Mark Reed | Dec. 16, 2013

A peer group comparison of branch expansion and financial performance.

By Andrew Bolton | Dec. 13, 2013

The nation’s 6,753 credit unions posted strong financials in the third quarter, making loans at a record pace and briskly growing membership.

By Janet Lee | Dec. 10, 2013

Loan interest income increased by 1.7 percentage points while growth in loans and shares surpassed national averages.

By Aaron Pugh | Dec. 9, 2013

Johns Hopkins FCU encourages thousands of borrowers to steer clear of payday loans and make smarter choices this time of year.

By Mark Reed | Nov. 22, 2013

Credit union performance in the Gem State reflects the cooperatives’ popularity.

By Janet Lee | Nov. 20, 2013

Credit unions increased the net interest margin by 2 basis points in 3Q13, marking the first time in three years that net interest margin rose from the previous quarter.