Deposits & Payments


By Jay Johnson | Dec. 10, 2007

As year-end approaches and budget and tax decisions are made by members, the need for guidance becomes particularly important as financial product offerings become more complex.

By Dane Coalson | Nov. 19, 2007

IRAs represent a large potential growth opportunity for credit unions. As the end of year approaches, now is the time to make members aware of their IRA options.

By Chip Filson | June 4, 2007

Mead Coated Board CU pays 4.25% and has a total of $8.6 million, in 126 accounts and a penetration rate of over 8%.


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By Tombstone Federal Credit Union | April 2, 2007

With more boomers heading toward retirement, it’s imperative to offer a solution that provides members with a low-cost guaranteed stream of retirement income.

Partner Perspective
Going to Market With HSAs

By | March 19, 2007

The recent release of year-end data show that credit unions have $26.8 million in Health Savings Account (HSA) deposits. As more people turn to consumer-directed health care, now is the time to consider entering this exponentially growing market.

By Level 9 | Feb. 19, 2007

When designing a life event conversation, breaking out of the traditional structure prevents the client from becoming overwhelmed while still presenting all the pertinent information.

By Leigh Anne Terry | Jan. 22, 2007

Like lime in your Diet Coke and caramel in your Hershey Kisses, Roth 401(k)s combine some familiar elements into an exciting new opportunity to save for retirement.

By Level 9 | Jan. 22, 2007

A technique from the life insurance industry can be just as valuable for marketing financial products and services.

By Tom Geggel | Nov. 13, 2006

The secondary market is now interested in securitizing reverse mortgages. With an 881% growth rate in endorsed loans since FY 2001, the product is now poised for even greater popularity.

By Hughes Federal Credit Union | Sept. 4, 2006

The responsibility of baby boomers to manage the finances for multiple family members is a prospect for credit union growth.