Don’t Sing Cee Lo Green

Credit unions shouldn’t say “Forget You” to new employees, but instead realize that they bring growth.


I see you driving 'round town with the girl I love and I’m like

‘Forget you!’

I guess the change in my pocket wasn’t enough, I’m like

‘Forget you and forget her, too!’

-- Cee Lo Green, Forget You

Cee Lo Green was upset about his girlfriend leaving him for another man, and lamented “Forget you!” But credit unions shouldn’t take his attitude toward employees leaving their company, because they can seize stronger growth through enthusiastic new hires.

The days when an employee starts at the bottom at the bottom of a company with the intent of working their way up are gone, especially for the younger workforce. In today’s fast-paced, technological world there are so many choices that the number of years spent at one job are significantly decreasing.

Plus, with media showing us what we could be doing at every moment, it’s hard to satisfy employees for the long-term. They think the grass is always greener on the other side, right?

That doesn’t mean credit unions shouldn’t hire younger employees. These youthful, hip staff members can help credit unions reach out to different demographics, including the sought-after Gen Y, no matter how long they stay. The surge of outgoing employees and incoming new hires is actually a good thing for cooperative financial institutions.

Haven’t you noticed the productivity of a new hire? These individuals come into the company brimming with new ideas and ready to take on any assignment. They’re excited, enthusiastic, and innovative. Take advantage of their energy and willingness. But remember to listen to their ideas, especially if they didn’t come from a finance background. Hiring people from outside the industry can provide a fresh outlook and perspective.

When hiring someone from outside the industry make sure to look for curiosity and avant-garde achievements. Without any experience in the industry, an individual that shows curiosity and loves learning will always succeed. Plus, pioneering efforts in other industries displays a determination to research and create a better product or service.

A credit union needs new hires, and older employees need change. It works perfectly. The credit union will flourish with spirited newbies and the veteran employees will take the cooperative values and principles with them to their new job, effectively spreading the cooperative movement.


June 11, 2012

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  • Good article -- but you do know those weren't the real lyrics don't you? I guess it is one version of the lyrics but not the original version.