Failure is Not a Permanent Condition

Should Regulatory Policy Make Temporary Failure a Permanent Condition?


This Spring, Arizona Senator John McCain addressed the graduates of Ohio Wesleyan University. “Failure is no more a permanent condition than is success,” said the 73-year-old, imparting a piece of advice that resonates with the credit union system today.

McCain’s thoughts aptly apply to Arrowhead’s June 25 conservatorship. It can, at times, require a nuanced approach to distinguish between institutional failure and performance fluctuation. This is not one of those occasions. As cooperatives, credit unions are afforded the luxury of taking the long view in order to provide their services in bad times as well as good. A regulatory policy that makes temporary “failure” a permanent condition puts that principal – one on which credit unions are founded – in jeopardy.

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July 7, 2010


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