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FEATURE Planning Your Credit Union's Strategy

Credit unions continue to perform well in almost every financial category. Lending increased a robust 13.3% between September 30, 1999 and September 30, 2000, while deposits jumped 7% during the same time period. National credit union membership passed the 77 million point. Safety and soundness measures such as ROA (1.1%), capital to assets (11.5%) and loan delinquency (0.6%) are also strong.

By Callahan & Associates

January 08, 2001

FEATURE The Requirements of Being #2

Everyone wants to be Number One. No one wants to come in second place — ask Al Gore. Except, that is, credit unions in their business strategy. Almost all managers and boards would describe their goal as being a "fast follower" or "second-to-market." Very few credit union CEOs want to be on the leading edge of the financial services business.

By Chip Filson

January 01, 2001

FEATURE The Case for Change

As we enter the final lap of this political season, all the national outcomes seem "too close to call." Control by either party of the House and Senate, as well as the Presidency, now seems possible. Trying to stoke up the efforts of supporters, all candidates are making the case for change. Each porposes what he or she will do differently if elected. While not a major issue in any campaign, o​

By Chip Filson

October 01, 2000

FEATURE You Are Your Data

Credit unions are in the information business. All the "transactions" completed for members essentially involve the movement of digitized information over networks. Whether the service is a credit card purchase overseas or a mortgage loan payment via payroll deduction, the credit union receives and sends data between the member's account and other institutions. But information is more than trans​

By Chip Filson

February 01, 2000

FEATURE Entering the Monkey Business

How do new ideas get started? How do they get propagated? Why is this a key issue as we enter a new millennium? The change this country, indeed, the world, is going through is the result of new ideas. Some of these are internally generated and some are external realities or drivers of change. These ideas cover all areas of human endeavor - philosophical, scientific and behavioral. Credit unio​

By Chip Filson

December 01, 1999



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FEATURE When Assets Become Liabilities

Credit unions and their members are living in an era of disruptive technology. The pace and scope of change is bringing new ways of meeting personal financial needs. So comprehensive is this Internet-driven revolution that one CEO has likened the era to riding on a tectonic plate. The entire geography of the business and economic world is shifting to a wholly new global configuration. When chan​

By Chip Filson

November 01, 1999

FEATURE The Need for Capital Options

Since 1990 the total assets of all mutual funds have grown over five fold to a total of $5.0 trillion. Many credit union members use mutual funds as part of their savings or through 401K plans. But few credit unions have been able to develop programs that serve either a significant percentage of these members or their assets. If credit unions aspire to follow their members into non-insured fina​

By Chip Filson

August 01, 1999

FEATURE Future Vision: Whose Job is It?

No one disputes that the world of financial services is changing. But when pressed to describe how the new world will look, most analysis begins to dry up. Boards and managers meet to set direction in strategy, often sketching a high-level vision of the future. But the one person who might help most with creating a transformation to the future is perhaps the most conservative member of the manage​

By Chip Filson

June 01, 1998

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