Fight the Power(Point)

Craft a dynamic message using an alternative presentation system.


Whether you’re holding interoffice staff meetings or presenting information to your board, PowerPoint has long been the industry standard for communicating clearly and efficiently within a group of people.

Yet throughout the past few years, PowerPoint animations have ceased to offer a "wow" experience. The fallback stock photos fall flat, no longer resonating with audiences or eliciting laughs. For some, this aging communications medium has lost its capability to surprise. Are we suffering from PowerPoint backlash?

One alternative rapidly gaining traction is the return to the hands-on approach - getting down and dirty with people, ideas, and products in environments where going back to the drawing board involves an actual drawing board

In honor of “Just Say No to PowerPoint Week” (Feb. 7-11), FastCompany highlighted several tech conferences that banned traditional PowerPoint in favor of interactive product demonstrations. According to Eric Mattson, CEO of Finovate Conferences, “If you show your product to us, and we go ‘Wow, we can grasp that in seven minutes, and we want that,’ then the customer will want it too.”

For those who still want a high tech solution, has listed a number of alternative presentation programs, with expanded options (viewer polls built into presentations, etc.) and lower costs than Microsoft’s standard office suite. Perhaps one of the most unique is Prezi, which allows presenters to organically maneuver around a virtual board of content rather than use static slides. Give it a try below. 

Even holograms have emerged as a possible (yet pricey) alternative to in-person or web-based presentations and speeches. Although you might not be beaming into your board room any time soon, a new take on presentations is a welcome addition to any operation.


Feb. 24, 2011


  • Communication standards have evolved mightily in recent times. Facebook, Twitter and similar tools have quickly become major forces in literally helping bring about global political change. So it remains curious that the area of business presentations has not kept pace. That makes this article both timely and important.
  • As someone always trying to come up with unique ways to communicate ideas and teach things I've learned to others this article is the coolest! Thanks for the tips and for including the demo. You get the gold stars for today, Aaron!