Financial Education & Credit Unions: Always in Style

GQ magazine offers a best practice in education and accessibility.



A few weeks back, I was reading the April issue of GQ magazine on a flight out West. One of the better articles in the issue was titled “The New Rules of Personal Finance and Complete Fiscal Sanity.” In the article, a group of contributing authors lay out these “new rules” in a six-step plan. Much to my surprise, as I was reading section three “Destroy Debt,” I came across the following sentence:

No matter what your credit rating, your best bet may actually be your local credit union, which likely charges an interest rate significantly lower than the banks'.”

That’s right. Credit unions got mentioned in GQ. This can mean only one thing: Credit unions are definitely in style (please celebrate tomorrow by wearing your skinniest tie to work).

The entire article is available online, and although it’s a bit long, it’s worth a read. You might not agree with every point the article makes, but pay attention to the way it is written. Notice the tone of voice the authors use, the lack of industry jargon, and the way they utilize humor when appropriate. All of these strategies serve to make the article a less intimidating read. The article is accessible, even to those without a business degree, yet it is done in a way that doesn’t come off as dumbed-down or condescending. This is definitely a “best practice” for credit unions that are ramping up their own financial literacy and education initiatives. Even if this style comes off as a bit unprofessional for your credit union, you can learn from its accessibility and strike your own happy medium.


May 6, 2010


  • I can confirm that Nick is wearing a skinny tie today.
    Elliott Kashner