Financial Performance


By Mike Philbin | June 11, 2005

For the first quarter 2005, the increase in outstanding borrowings is creating a little buzz

By Joe James | Nov. 22, 2004

For the 831 credit unions now participating in First Look, loan growth remains strong while share growth has been minimal. Find out how these credit unions are adjusting to these circumstances.

By Joe James | June 7, 2004

Credit unions increased their borrowings this quarter by 2% to $11.7 billion. With interest rates projected to rise and real estate loans increasing by 3.03% this quarter, many credit unions took advantage of the low borrowing rates to hedge their mortgage loans. The average rate paid on borrowings was 3.78% in the first quarter compared to 4.07% at year end 2003.The number of credit unions reporting borrowings increased as well to 529 credit unions, which represent about 5.6% of the industry.

By Joe James | Oct. 6, 2003

When interest rates are low or falling, as they have been since June of 2000, credit unions often see an influx of loans and shares. For that reason, credit unions must apply prudent allocation techniques so that if interest rates rise, they won't be locked into low liquidity or small returns.