Financial Performance


By Samantha Cristobal | May 27, 2019

Cash and investments at credit unions was down at year-end 2018 as credit unions reallocated funds to fulfill loan demand.

By Maya Neuman | Feb. 7, 2019

The federal funds rate increased four times in 2018. Test your knowledge on the role these rate hikes play in credit union loan and deposit pricing.

By Samantha Cristobal | Aug. 21, 2018

A breakdown of the borrowings portfolio explains double-digit growth that’s highest since 2015.


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Loan growth drives down balances while industry assets overall remain steady.

By Chip Filson | July 17, 2013

The June 30, 2013, update of the U.S. Central Federal Credit Union securities shows that of the total $3.5 billion other-than-temporary-impairment (OTTI) future loss estimates, more than $2.3 billion is still unused.

By Parth Kapoor | Feb. 7, 2013

Partner Perspective
Will Bernanke Keep His Promise?

These six signs could indicate an earlier-than-expected increase in interest rates.

By Alix Patterson | June 21, 2011

Jay Johnson outlines five key operational and strategic topics that credit unions across the country are debating in their Board rooms.

By Alix Patterson | March 14, 2011

Grassroots connectivity gives credit unions a more nimble response to changing consumer preferences.

By Thomas Cullen | Feb. 24, 2011

Callahan's weekly look at the economic headlines that highlight credit union challenges and opportunities.

By Sam Brownell | April 26, 2010

Credit unions increased short-term borrowings at the beginning of 2009 but reduced their liabilities amid a flood of deposits.

By Callahan & Associates | Jan. 1, 2010

Now is the time to think about funding balance sheets during recovery.

By Callahan & Associates | April 1, 2009

With a design that withstands serious economic stress, credit unions saw posted near-record loan growth while other institutions are scaling back.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2008

Many credit unions are not looking at loan protfolios heavily populated with fixed-rate loans originated during a (fairly lengthy) period of historically low-term interest rates.

By Dane Coalson | Sept. 15, 2008

By revamping an existing business lending program, Randolph-Brooks drove dramatic growth without compromising their strong member service.

By Mike Weber | Sept. 1, 2008

Members 1st FCU finds early success with recent launch of private student lending solution.

By Lydia Cole | May 19, 2008

As loan demand remains solid, credit unions are actively managing their liquidity. Borrowings are on the rise, up 74.1% over the past 12 months among credit unions participating in Callahan & Associates’ First Look program.

By Mike Werstuik | May 12, 2008

The Fed’s just-released March Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey reported banks are continuing to tighten mortgage lending standards. Meanwhile, credit unions are reporting double-digit increases in mortgage volume.

By Nick Connors | April 7, 2008

Total credit union borrowing rose in 2007, even as fewer credit unions reported outstanding balances. As credit unions continue to see increased loan demand, total borrowing may continue to rise.

By Jay Johnson | Dec. 17, 2007

After holding the Federal Funds rate at 5.25 percent for more than a year, the Federal Reserve has now lowered the target rate by one percent in less than two months. Will the reduction in rates be a positive for credit unions?

By Nick Connors | Sept. 17, 2007

Credit Unions have a unique position as a balance sheet lender, this fact presents an opportunity to help members as the mortgage market struggles.

By Nick Connors | June 19, 2006

Corporate credit unions aren’t just riding out the shift in liquidity—they’ve grown market share in both investments and borrowing.

By Mike Philbin | June 13, 2005

Borrowing gives CFOs a flexible tool to manage short-term liquidity and longer-term interest rate risk.

By Mike Philbin | June 11, 2005

For the first quarter 2005, the increase in outstanding borrowings is creating a little buzz

By Joe James | Nov. 22, 2004

For the 831 credit unions now participating in First Look, loan growth remains strong while share growth has been minimal. Find out how these credit unions are adjusting to these circumstances.

By Joe James | June 7, 2004

Credit unions increased their borrowings this quarter by 2% to $11.7 billion. With interest rates projected to rise and real estate loans increasing by 3.03% this quarter, many credit unions took advantage of the low borrowing rates to hedge their mortgage loans. The average rate paid on borrowings was 3.78% in the first quarter compared to 4.07% at year end 2003.The number of credit unions reporting borrowings increased as well to 529 credit unions, which represent about 5.6% of the industry.

By Joe James | Oct. 6, 2003

When interest rates are low or falling, as they have been since June of 2000, credit unions often see an influx of loans and shares. For that reason, credit unions must apply prudent allocation techniques so that if interest rates rise, they won't be locked into low liquidity or small returns.