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Credit Unions And QE Infinity

How can cooperatives best manage through the quantitative easing fog?

Financial institutions who sought a higher yield during the historically low interest-rate environment could see longer-term bond prices dive when rates go up.

By Andrew Bolton | Feb. 6, 2013


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By Alix Patterson | Feb. 5, 2013

By Jeff Greenert | Feb. 4, 2013

Credit unions must balance aggressiveness in their investment strategy against their appetite for risk.

By ProfitStars | Feb. 4, 2013

An in-depth investment policy and portfolio review can reveal new options and clarify next steps for growing credit unions.

By Kevin Heal | Feb. 4, 2013

Many MBS pools look alike on the surface but digging deeper can reveal major differences. Part 2 looks at how the Conditional Prepayment Rate can affect yield.

By Jay Johnson | Feb. 4, 2013

Callahan data shows the top quartile of credit unions by average investment return generate an average return of 1.92%, over six times the 31 basis point average return generated by the bottom quartile.

By Mark Reed | Feb. 4, 2013

By Andrew Bolton | July 27, 2012

Credit unions can weigh the value of indirect auto lending by comparing several financial metrics.