Financial Performance


Tracking total return provides multiple insights for ongoing asset and liability management and investment options.

By Jeff Greenert | Jan. 16, 2012

Jeff Greenert, senior portfolio manager at VyStar Credit Union, addresses the investment struggles some credit unions are facing.

By Rebecca McClay | July 25, 2011

Credit Unions top the list of financial institutions that provide the highest yields on checking accounts, a recent survey found.


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By Andrew Bolton | July 11, 2011

Credit unions can improve earning interest income.

There are no silver bullets for investments, but there are options to help credit unions create a portfolio mix that reflects their needs.

Board education is essential for credit unions that want to enhance their short-term investment yield while maintaining liquidity.

By Lydia Cole | April 4, 2011

12-month loan growth, provision for loan losses, loan portfolio profile: Three metrics to evaluate your credit union and bridge the gap between macro trends and micro performance.

By Alix Patterson | Oct. 25, 2010

Credit unions manage expenses despite economic challenges.

By Nick Connors | Aug. 9, 2010

Second quarter data highlights areas of loan opportunity within an otherwise flat-growth portfolio.

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2010

As interest rates hamper loan yields, credit cards are becoming a vital source of income and a crucial component in institutional lending strategies.