Peer Group Comparisons

By Mark Reed | Oct. 9, 2012

Credit unions are weighing opportunities for growth against increased expenses.

By Rebecca McClay | June 11, 2012

Credit unions catering to Ukrainian Americans are finding their footing in lending while reducing delinquency.

By Mark Reed | April 30, 2012

Credit union employees are handling more members and accounts than ever before.


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By Lydia Cole | Dec. 12, 2011

A peer group comparison evaluating whether credit unions that grant first mortgages perform differently than other credit unions.

By Lydia Cole | July 4, 2011

Expenses for marketing grew 4% in the first quarter of 2011 as a result of credit unions’ priorities, not their size.

By Aaron Pugh | Jan. 6, 2011

Portfolio analysis reveals increased stability of Kansas cooperatives.

By Nick Connors | Jan. 3, 2011

A focused peer group comparison yields sharp insight.

By Thomas Cullen | Dec. 9, 2010

A deeper dive into Oklahoma's overall performance and key performance metrics for its 10 largest credit unions.

Connect Four

By Thomas Cullen | Dec. 9, 2010

These four credit unions represent the diversity of Oklahoma's cooperative movement.

By Lydia Cole | Oct. 21, 2010

In some instances community-chartered credit unions perform differently than credit unions with more traditional fields of membership.