Peer Group Comparisons

By Alix Patterson | July 26, 2010

Evaluating both micro and macro industry performance helps credit unions synthesize different levels of analysis and create a narrative of strengths and weaknesses.

By Rebecca Wessler | July 8, 2010

The first quarter 2010 issue also features CUSO non-interest income data and an in-depth case study about Wright-Patt Credit Union’s living brand.

By Chris Tissue | April 19, 2010

Like other industries, credit unions pulled back marketing expenses in 2009. As competition returns, your marketing budget might not have to.


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By Chris Tissue | March 29, 2010

In an environment of shrinking loan demand, low investment yields, and excess deposits, credit unions that offer short-term loan products have advantages.

By Nick Connors | Feb. 1, 2010

By analyzing credit union performance data in the home states of each Super Bowl contender, Callahan & Associates predicts which team will reign supreme.

By Elliott Kashner | Jan. 18, 2010

How does the relative size of your mortgage lending program influence the way your credit union does business? These peer comparisons might help as you develop your mortgage strategy.

By Sam Brownell | Oct. 19, 2009

For every characteristic of a credit union’s business model, there is also a data point that should be considered when defining a peer group. Here are three starting points to give you an idea of how you could define your own business model.

By Sam Brownell | Oct. 5, 2009

As one point of contact for questions regarding Callahan & Associates' financial analysis software, I have firsthand knowledge of how many people in the industry select a "peer group" of credit unions for benchmarking. Almost all of you are doing it wrong.

By Sam Brownell | Oct. 2, 2009

Here is a quick multiple choice question for you: Why is benchmarking an essential element of pushing your credit union to success?

By Alix Patterson | May 18, 2009

Unlike NCUA’s constantly moving targets, the industry has solid numbers to stand on and build an actionable base to work from.