Peer Group Comparisons

By Lydia Cole | March 30, 2009

Callahan’s Return of the Member score quantifies member value. But do leading credit unions in this metric also demonstrate above average financial performance?

By Nick Connors | March 9, 2009

California. Florida. Nevada. Michigan. Ohio. If you've turned on the television at all in the past 9 months, you've certainly heard how much the local economies in these states have struggled. For the credit unions in these states the current market has created its fair share of market challenges, but it has also created opportunities for success.

By Ray Springsteen | April 14, 2008

Is share growth of 5% a good performance? If so, how good is it? Benchmarking performance with a peer group can give more meaning to a credit union’s performance.


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By Lydia Cole | March 10, 2008

Among credit unions between $250 million and $1 billion in assets, 40% opened a new branch in 2007. Did their performance differ significantly from the 60% that didn’t open a branch?

By Dan Walter | Jan. 28, 2008

Analyzing credit union performance against segmented peer groups can improve benchmarking. While broad industry averages can help in tracking large-scale trends, at times the comparison can be misleading for evaluating individual credit union performance. Is share growth of 5% a good performance? If so, how good is it?

By Sara Gaab | Nov. 5, 2007

Take a look at Navy, State Employees, and Pentagon's 3Q results. All three industry leaders have posted strong growth.

By Tom Geggel | Oct. 30, 2006

How does the performance of the largest credit union by asset size in each state compare to the industry?

By Jay Johnson | Oct. 16, 2006

Results demonstrate still growth momentum in the credit union system, but there is no clear overriding explanation.

By Mike Philbin | Nov. 7, 2005

A multi-faceted benchmarking process can help credit unions extract more value from their investment portfolios

By Jay Johnson | Aug. 22, 2005

The 100 largest credit unions posted strong financial performance and solid growth through June 2005 while distributing $1.9 billion in dividends to members in the first six months of the year.