Peer Group Comparisons

By Annie Sebastian | Aug. 1, 2005

Initiating a data processor conversion is daunting; learn tips from two leading credit unions for how they initiated the process with confidence.

By Bret Remey | March 14, 2005

Chip Filson provided an analysis of the past year accompanied by two firsthand case studies and an economic overview in last week’s year-end Trendwatch call.

By Joe James | Nov. 8, 2004

Analyzing credit union performance against segmented peer groups can improve benchmarking. Examine electronically-offered financial services across nine peer groups


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By Joe James | Aug. 30, 2004

With the first day of school approaching for children throughout the United States, we take a look at a group of credit unions that have education as their primary field of membership. Find out why these credit unions aren’t too cool for school.

By Joe James | Aug. 23, 2004

We here at Callahan’s have caught the Olympic Fever! Find out how U.S. credit unions compare with credit unions in other countries in key financial areas.

By Joe James | April 12, 2004

Over the course of 2003, 11 credit unions crossed the billion dollar asset mark and raised the total number of credit unions with over $1 billion in assets to 83. These credit unions have been effective in using their size to serve their members more efficiently.