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A California credit union eService consultant gets an “A” in member service.


Late last year I wrote an Off the CUff post titled The Big Differences Small Gestures Make. You, our readers, have responded by submitting your own member-centric stories. Superior member service is happening all over the United States, and the strategy is demonstrating the real difference in the cooperative financial system. Here is just another example from Lori Snyder, the vice president of member relations for Mission Federal Credit Union ($2B, San Diego, CA,). Snyder talks with members most frequently to resolve concerns, but she also has the opportunity to field compliments and words of appreciation for the service efforts of the credit union.

Here’s what Snyder writes:

“Celese is a senior eService consultant with our contact center who consistently delivers excellent service. This is an example of how Celese worked with a member to correct a problem he had with a mortgage payment that hadn’t been processed although it had been sent to the proper address through our online bill payment system.

[The member] commented ‘The first thing I want to tell you about Celese was how professional and courteous she was, not to mention sympathetic. I felt an instant connection … that she truly had a desire to help me and this wasn’t merely 'her job.'

The member went on to say that Celese verified the payment had been handled appropriately by the member and Mission Federal. The error had occurred with the mortgage company who was unwilling to assist in correcting the mistake. 

Celese responded with an offer ‘… to initiate a three way call … explain all the facts in detail with a request to waive a phone payment fee and late charge.’  When this approach did not change their response, Celese then drafted a letter of explanation to fax to the supervisor of the mortgage company for resolution.  

[The member] closed his letter with the statement: ‘Her efforts have definitely made me a fan of Mission Federal.’” 

Thanks for the story of what it means to go above and beyond in service, Lori. That’s what credit unions are all about, after all.

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March 4, 2011



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